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17 Jul 5 ways to Motivate yourself to Exercise

Do you want to lose those extra pounds but does not feel motivated enough to stick through your exercise routine?

 Most of us go through a phase where we feel burned out and does not want to continue with the healthy lifestyle that we have started. If you feel that you have been stuck in this rut for quite some time, read on the tips below on how to bring back the drive and motivation to push yourself harder and achieve the body type you have been dreaming of.

1. Give Yourself a Real Reward

Have you been eyeing that cute designer bag for so long? Use this drive to push you in attaining your goal of being fit. Set a target and reward yourself once you have reached the said target.

 You would easily get tired and demotivated if you have been pushing yourself for so long and yet you do not find reward or gratification at what you do. Small rewards like a trip to your favorite ice cream store is good, but you will reach more milestones if you give yourself greater and real reward.

 The next time that you think of skipping your exercise routine or quitting altogether, think of that cute designer bag and make a deal with yourself to purchase it once you have reached your target weight by the end of the month. 

2. How to kill the dread

Some of us may feel a heavy lump in their throat when we think of an hour to be spent at the gym. The painful and hard exercises and the body soreness that follows afterwards sound a logical reason to put off going to the gym or starting an exercise routine.

Stop procrastinating and think of the tenfold benefit that exercise will give in return instead. When you have overcome the feeling of dreadfulness, you would realize that having an hour of daily exercise does not seem bad after all.  To inspire you, you can wear action clothing you have meticulously purchased online.

Once you have started the habit of exercising, your body will be looking forward to the boost of energy that you feel after the exercise. An hour of intensive workout can certainly be intimidating and dreadful. But trust me, once you have made your first step and shove procrastination away, you are on your way to a healthy and fit body.

3. Make it a game

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

This popular quote is also applicable in exercise and working out. If you have been working out so hard and you put too much pressure on yourself, chances are you will get tired easily and quit eventually.

Treat your exercise regime as if it’s a game. Create variations in your routine to make it fun and dynamic.

Also, creating a real exercise plan can contribute to the attainment of your goal. You can hang a big wall calendar on a prominent wall and put a big red X over the day that you did your exercise. Seeing your progress and how far have you gone is an adrenaline-booster.

4. Get paid to work out

If certain factors did not trigger your motivation to work out, cold hard cash may do the trick. After all, almost no one can refuse money.

Getting paid to work out is hitting two birds with one stone. You get the active lifestyle that you want plus you get something to help pay the rent and bills.

So how do you get paid to work out? You can check out apps like Pact , a community that promotes healthy living. Members can make a weekly pact to eat healthier or exercise more. If you don’t reach this goal, you will have to pay other Pact members. On the other hand, if you reached your goals, you will get paid by other pact-breakers.

People who were paid to go to the gym doubled their attendance rate. This is a win-win situation where you can achieve your ideal body weight and get paid in doing so.

5. Fight feelings with feelings

When we feel bad, we tend to look for something that could give us a positive feeling. A bad day at the office can certainly be brightened up by a cup of coffee while listening to your favorite play list.

This principle also applies to working out. Music can reduce your perception of discomfort and enhance your exercise performance. A good upbeat playlist can certainly motivate you to push those weights more or to do another lap of running.

These ways have been proven to improve your drive towards exercising. Apply these now and you are on a straight path to a healthy and fabulous you.

By Cindy Rollins

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