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1. What is the concept?

FitMiBODY believes in making personal training more accessible. We have designed programmes that combine the benefits of personal training within our small group classes.

2. Why is FitMiBODY different?

Our goal is to ensure our community is always supporting YOU achieve your goals. We make sure the classes are structured and progressive, to help you the best way possible. We have created a welcoming environment where you will always be greeted and farewelled, by name and with a smile.

3. Who is FitMiBODY for?

Anyone who is looking to maintain, progress or start out their fitness journey, we will have a program for you. Have a look at our Packages page, or feel free to get in contact for more information.

4. My lifestyle is really hectic - how do I fit health and fitness into it?

We will help you create sustainable changes, that fit into your lifestyle. We are not here to make you eat broccoli, dry chicken and work out 7 days a week.

5. Are you tied into a contract?

No, our packages are a one off fee, monthly and there’s no joining fee!

6.What facilities are there?

The studio has a separate class and PT area, both fully equipped with plenty of quality equipment. We provide water, complimentary towels (hand and shower), lockers, separate male and female changing rooms with showers and all the important showering amenities.

We also have a great range of post- workout protein shakes created by our in-house nutritionist, which can be pre or post - class ordered!

7. How are the classes like having a personal training session?

There is a maximum of 8 /10 people in classes. This means that the trainer can focus their attention on your form and technique to prevent injuries as well as making sure you get the most out of each exercise. Having such small class sizes means they will get to know you and they will push you!

8. How will I know I am progressing?

We have a four week rotation of classes, starting with 1. Endurance, 2. Hypertrophy (muscle growth), 3. Strength, 4. Training System (super sets), to ensure you are getting a well balanced workout monthly. You will be able to see your progression, from what you achieve in comparable weeks. If you have a membership or class pack you can ask a FitMiBODY trainer to provide you with testing days throughout the period.

9. I want to lose weight and tone, what classes are right for me?

We recommend doing a mixture of strength based and conditioning based classes. We run our strength classes in muscle groups to ensure you give different parts of your body a break, but will still have done a full body work out by the end of the week. We run strength classes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Conditioning classes: Tuesday and Thursday. Saturdays and Sundays are a mix and we also have Restorative Yoga every Sunday night.

10. What does my membership entitle me to use?

It depends on what membership you have. All memberships run month to month. All our memberships and class packs include access to Open Gym (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm).

Evolve: Unlimited classes

Evolve PT: Unlimited classes, plus 2x PT sessions per month with your assigned trainer

Progression 8: 8 classes per month

Progression 10: 10 classes per month

Progression 12: 12 classes per month

Class packs 1, 5, 10, 20: Gives you flexibility to use the classes over a set period.

No matter whether you are dropping in or are on a regular membership you are welcome to use all our complimentary amenities!

11. Anything else I need to know?

If you're new say hi! We love new friends! If you're not ready to commit to anything right now, give our 7 day Trial for £45 a go!