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10 Feb We Interview our Founder Matt Lo to talk about year one of FitMiBODY

This week we celebrated being 1 year old! A year older a year wiser?

To find out, we interviewed our Founder & CEO Matt Lo who opened up about our first year and what we can look forward to in year two at FitMiBODY.

Q: Matt, the studio opened at 6am on 8th February 2016, tell us what the first year has been like?

Lo: “First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who has supported, believed and has graced our studio with their smiles and laughter over the past year. 

Its been a long one, a challenging one and a very eventful one but boy… a year later we are still here! 

FitMiBODY is the second business venture I’ve created and I’ll admit there has been times when I asked myself ‘what on earth am I doing?’ but the lessons I’ve learnt and experiences I’ve had are invaluable.

We’ve had our challenges but a year later, we are stronger than ever. I am forever thankful to have a very loyal community and a team who have a true belief in our ethos and have worked tirelessly to build a solid foundation for FitMiBODY.”


Q: If you had to sum up the first year in one word, what would it be? 

Lo: “Belief. Without believing in the company, the ethos, the team and believing the ‘why’ of our business of making personal training more accessible, we could have quite easily become just another fitness boutique studio or gone down other fitness routes like being just another personal training studio in the city. 

The belief we have every day, no matter what challenge we face or obstacles are in front of us has kept the fire at FitMiBODY alive. Together with the Head Of Operations Lewis Paris and Studio Manager Jesse Page, the behind the scenes work is endless which many people do not see and days can easily turn into 14 hours+ shifts, but we all believe in FitMiBODY and its future. 

We put a huge emphasis on standards at FitMiBODY from ensuring that everyone who comes through the door feels they are extremely welcomed all the way to ensuring that the studio is always tidy from equipment to changing rooms. We emphasis customer service training for our team and sometimes we get it wrong (we are only human!) but we evaluate, adapt and change when needed. Believing in your company makes those 18 or 19 hour+ days just a bit easier.”


Q: You talk about sometimes asking yourself ‘do I love doing what I am doing?’, how do you answer that? 

Lo: “During my day, I always try and pop out for a bit of fresh air. Directly across the road the large building is occupied by WeWork and Scape student accommodation. Above the WeWork entrance, they have ‘Do What You Love’ in massive white writing outside, you cannot miss it!  

Every time I walk back to the studio after getting a bit of air, I look at that sign. I keep walking down Corsham Street, open the black doors to go down the dark grey stairs of the FitMiBODY entrance before entering the studio. I step into the studio and before I walk into the staff room, I always take a two second look at the class and the PT area. I rarely crack a smile on my face, but I have a smile in my head and at that precise moment, I know its an indication I may just be doing what I love… or it could just be my headache coming back! Ha! 

I think many people get caught up with what their passion is and whether or not they love what they are doing or just chasing a pay cheque. I would highly recommend to do what feels right at that given time and let time reveal whether its your passion or love.”


Q: You recently changed your tag line to ‘Best Small Group Training in the World’, why have you done this? 

Lo: “It is the same reason why our classes are priced at £26 which may seem high but our classes have serious value.

We do small groups to give people the attention to form like you would get from a personal trainer session. Our classes are structured weekly to ensure you can progress each month, much like a tailored programme from a personal trainer. 

As cheesy as it sounds, I truly believe the value we offer is very high – our ethos shines and roars throughout our classes. 

We do what we love and we love to put personal training in a small group environment and will stick to our guns to deliver a high standard of service to the incredible FitMiBODY community we have created together. 

On top of everything else and one thing that I feel is very important; the trainers all learn your name! It’s a very personable experience from the moment you walk in, through to the moment you leave, something that doesn’t happen everywhere.”


Q: So what can we expect in year two for FitMiBODY?

Lo: “Firstly, I will keep working closely with my team to ensure they develop into the best they can be and give them guidance and support wherever I can. I am very proud of everything they achieve in their own businesses too with a few mentions; Lyanne with Strongher, Felix with Moximove and Ben with BenNeilsonPersonalTraining. I do not want to say too much but there are a few business plans being created as we speak which is all about expanding our brand. We have begun looking into how we can upgrade our current studio facilities to make changing rooms slightly bigger (to keep up with the growing community!), new showers with doors as well as a new surface for our class area.

We’ll be adding more and more equipment throughout the year especially as our community gets stronger both physically and mentality – so it’ll be time to get some more kettlebells! 

We are always thinking about new classes that are in line with our ethos so maybe not only a women’s barbell class but also a men’s only barbell class too. 

I’ll also be working closely with our Head Nutritionist Linda Anne to provide more options from our nutrition bar. We are already set to launch a line of protein shakes with almond milk this month so keep a look out for these and other new products we’ll be creating with her unique and  imaginative eye! Needless to say, the work will continue, the hours won’t be stopping any time soon but we have built such a solid foundation for FitMiBODY in year one, it’s time to make this year even better and ensuring more and more people believe in our ‘why’.”

“I would like to personally say thank you again for everyone’s support. It is heart warming when I get a chance to sit down to think about the belief and support that has been received throughout the year and I mean this from the very bottom of my heart. Thank you for all your social media posts and your recommendations to friends/families and colleagues. I would like to personally thank my  family for their irreplaceable support and my truly talented team who are all incredible individuals. Thank you.”

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