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A really friendly gym…a real ‘community’ feel, great workouts, great equipment, great support, great shakes, great social side!” – Kerrie McCabe

Getting fit doesn’t have to break the bank. FitMiBODY makes personalised fitness training more accessible for everyone.


The FitMiBODY movement was started as a community project in 2015 by Matt Lo, a fitness expert in Strength and Conditioning with a vision and belief; to make personal training more accessible by creating solutions that are structured, progressive and simple. Starting out with outdoor fitness classes around East London, he successfully crowdfunded the FitMiBODY movement in August 2015 raising over £75k in 21 days to have their own indoor FitMiBODY boutique studio in Old Street, London.


Having always been intrigued about all the different ways you can progress an individual’s strength and fitness level from the bottom, he studied for the world recognised Strength and Conditioning qualification CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) with the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) in the U.S and other qualifications including OPT (Optimum Performance Training) CCP (Coaching Certificate Programme).


Working in top health clubs and private studios, he recognised that personal training can be too expensive for many, and that typical fitness classes don’t provide the structured programmes suited to individual goals. He was inspired to create a change within the fitness industry based on his personal beliefs.


To make his vision a reality, Matt hand-picked a team of fitness experts who have decades of personal training experience around the world who are not only inspired by the same beliefs but are inspired to make a difference.


To this day, Matt and his team ensure that everybody who walks into FitMiBODY feels like they are part of a community rather than just a member, because the team goes the extra mile for everyone.


FitMiBODY runs a range of fitness packages (including classes and 1on1 Personal Training) that offer fully structured and effective personalised programmes. 


FitMiBODY Corporate Takeover

The team offers free, training and nutrition corporate health and fitness takeovers at your office where we will sit down individually with your team members and talk through your own goals on a day that suits you 

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“The team comes into work everyday inspired knowing that the work we’re doing now is better than the work we were doing 6 months ago, and the work we’ll be doing in 6 months from now will be better than the work we are doing today”

Matt Lo – FitMiBODY Founder & CEO