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03 Jul Say No To Pre-Holiday Crash Diets!

Who has started a crash diet right before going on holiday? I know I have!

Who else after instigating this crash diet has headed off on holiday, had a couple of cocktails…maybe a burger and completely bloated out? Again, I definitely know I have fallen into this category.

Myself, along with many other women, have fallen into the trap of going into a huge calorie deficit and cutting all carbs prior to going on holiday all to get that bikini bod. When you are setting off on holiday you always want to look and feel your best…get ready for all those #grammable shots! BUT cutting carbs and crash dieting a few weeks before you jet off, is not always the answer.

I sat down with Linda Anne, FitMiBODY trainer and in house Nutritionist to talk about what you can do if you have left it a little too late for the 6 week, pre holiday cut.

Linda has been a PT for 6 years and a nutritionist for 2. Linda also has Coeliac Disease, so she is well versed with the battle of the bloat!

The first thing she tells me is that crash dieting and completely cutting carbs is not the answer. If you only have two weeks to try to lose a couple of pounds prior to holiday, the first thing you want do to is to cut out the excess (chocolate, sugary drinks, that cheeky Chinese). Keep it clean.

Try to remove processed sugars and artificial ingredients from your diet. You don’t want to remove carbs completely, but try to reduce the amount you eat by 20-50 gm. For example Linda says “if you have oats in the morning with banana, change the banana up with a handful of berries, that immediately reduces your carbohydrate intake by 20gm. You can even remove the oats completely and have three eggs instead which would reduce it by 50gm! This still enables you to have a bit of rice or sweet potato with your lunch or dinner.”

By just reducing the carbs in your diet, as opposed to completely cutting them out it will enable you to lose a pound or two and stop that immediate bloat out when you have your first cocktail. Linda also says “if you are drinking prior to your trip try to stick to clean spirits, avoid sugary drinks!”

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too… even if it means reducing your intake of it for a couple of weeks prior to your holiday! Check out the FitMiBODY Youtube channel to hear what else she has to say.

By Lucy Bishop

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