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08 May Spring into Your Summer Body

May. Can you believe it? We’ve made it! – nearly – all the way out of winter. How did that happen? It seems like only yesterday that we were waking up on January 3rd, dragging our sorry, still mildly hungover and slightly flabby selves to the gym in the desperate attempt to make a good start to our New Year’s resolutions. Now we are looking towards Summer and that elusive Summer body we all want!

If you’ve stuck with it this far, first of all: congratulations! Hopefully you’ve seen and felt amazing changes in your fitness, health and all-round happiness. And if it still seems like you’ve got a long way to go, or you’ve reached a plateau that you just can’t get past, please don’t be discouraged. Change takes time, and this is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

With that in mind, however, the longer days, shorter nights and warm (or at least warmer) weather, this is the best time to build on the progress you’ve made so far in order to reap the benefits in time for summer. So here are a few pointers from Linda our resident Nutritionist and Trainer to get you on track. After all, we are already five months into 2017 – summer will be here before you know it.

What helps you prep for your summer body?

Its important not to crash diet or cut out everything, you want to avoid going on holiday, eating something indulgent and then bloat. I will eat clean 5-6 days a week and reduce my alcohol intake on weekends, because I love a glass of Prosecco. I will also increase the amount of cardio I do and do 1 fasted cardio session a week (i.e. a 20 minute power walk uphill- not a full class).

How should I change up my workouts in time for summer?

Look to do high rep movements, a 15-25 rep range is what is recommended for cutting. Introduce plyometrics (jumps) into your normal weights workout. If you’re a cardio person, introduce some HIIT into it or some slow fat burning activity, like a steep power walk.

What should I do to avoid bloating before my holiday?

Reduce your caffeine intake and increase water intake. Stick to light meals, like meat and veggies. Try to avoid heavy refined carbs (bread and pasta), but don’t cut carbs completely or as soon as you have a drink you will bloat.

Help! I’m going on holiday in two weeks and I’m not ready to be in a bikini. What can I do?

Increasing exercise at this point isn’t going to have the hugest effect (it will help don’t worry!). Eat as clean as possible for the two weeks, increase your water intake to help flush out any toxins and avoid inflammatory foods (caffeine, alcohol, nightshades, sugary carbs). Then go get a spray tan, it will make you feel better.

How can I maintain a summer body all year round, whatever the weather?

No one walks around with a 6 pack 365 days a year, unless you’re living a very restricted lifestyle. Find a healthy balance of training 3-4 times a week, eating a 70% clean diet and the rest of the time, enjoy yourself!

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